Walden Soundtrack now available

Composer Michael Sweet created an amazing soundtrack for Walden, integrating it with our procedural soundscape so that the audio world reacts to the player at every moment. We're extremely proud of the music for the game; each season of the game has it own musical cue, and each of these cues has been composed to respond to the state of a player's inspiration in the world. You can find out more about how the music was created here in the Behind the Sounds of Walden video.

Now, we've made the full soundtrack, plus some bonus tracks we loved too much to leave out, available to purchasers on Itch.io. Just download it from the Itch.io link you receive once your purchase is complete. If you previously purchased and downloaded the game, just visit your link again to download the soundtrack. 

The soundtrack is also available separately at CD Baby, in case you'd like to share with friends.